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After a few years lecturing and the necessary reformation on the course, we believe that the main goals of this course were successfully achieved in the following aspects:

I. The course was successfully designed as a guidance for both international and Chinese graduate students to learn the basic principles in research proposal development (including a topic and its objectives determination, topic justification processing, methodology to be best proposed for a solution, possible outcomes or conclusions, relevant reference citation and reviewing, as well as the project innovation point summarization in the last).

II. Graduate students can well manage and incorporate the learned principles and knowledge taught by lecturers into an effective academic PPT presentation, and as a matter of fact, most students are able to attend an international conference and giving a decent and formal presentation in a designed time slot (including the design and preparation of a high quality of the PPT slides, analysis of a set of experimental data, delivering an impressive and convincing scientific talking and the following question answering).

III. Literature-reading and summarizing ability for graduate students on a proposal development and PPT talking have been well trained and improved via two proposal writing and presentation practices. Currently, students can well manage the essential principles and some basic skills into their scientific research work, which will significantly benefit their degree study and a potential success in their dissertation research projects.

IV, Our teaching philosophy has been well perceived and successfully practiced in this course by both international and Chinese students (please see student comments on this course), which will certainly push us to make more efforts to improve our course quality to be one of the most welcomed classes in the campus at Jiangsu University.

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