Key Points for Research Proposal Evaluation



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Key Points for Research Proposal Evaluation (30 points)

Student Name:


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Actual score of each section

Topic selection (5 points)

Justification of research question and hypotheses (5 points)

Objective define (5 points)

Methodology (5 points)

Structure development (5 points)

Writing quality & Reference citation (5 points)




1. Topic selection: Topic selection with its innovation and advances in science and application. Not too broad or to narrow. The topic should reflect the theme of the proposed work.

2. Justification of research question and hypotheses: Identify the research area and scientific gaps/challenges. Provide solid discussion and promising approach to address the scientific/industrial challenges.

3. Objective define: Be brief and concise, but descriptive.

4. Methodology: Clear research design to address the research questions to achieve the objectives.

5. Structure development: Overall structure of the proposal in a logical way. Smooth and tight connection among different sections.

6. Writing quality & Reference citation: Spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar manipulation. Citation in text and list followed the template instruction. No plagiarism!



Check list:

10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ø Failure to identify a specific topic, too general or going off on unrelated topic

Ø Failure to propose scientific question and hypotheses, lack of original ideas

Ø Failure to be concise; being diffuse, unfocused, or superficial

Ø Failure to develop the structure in a logical way

Ø Failure to cite landmark works in your literature review

Ø Failure to develop a persuasive argument for the proposed research

Ø Failure to stay focused on the research problem; going off on unrelated details

Ø Failure to follow the template instruction, e.g. reference style

Ø Poor writing quality, too many grammar errors

Ø Plagiarism, simple copy and paste


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