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Attention, everyone, the class for “Academic Proposal & Presentation”, will be started in today, April 16, 2021, at 4 o'clock, Beijing time, in this afternoon. As you may know that the regular class time has been set up by university at each Friday, 4:00-600pm, Beijing time and it will be no further notice in this WeChat platform if there is no any change regarding this course time in the future. Please enter the classroom at least 10 minutes earlier for those onsite students and get ready with your computer online for those online-students. The ID password for “Voov” meeting platform log in will be provided in the WeChat platform around 4:00pm, Beijing time. In addition, regarding the content of this course, class time, class rules and homework etc., we have shared with you in this platform for the course syllabus, the file name is "Course Syllabus-spring semester-2021-4-16". This syllabus is also available in our course website and you can download it for your convenience. Please read the syllabus carefully before the class and you will find most common answers for your concerns. See you in the class and hope that you will enjoy this course.



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