各位同学大家好。根据学校目前防疫要求,我们课程暂通过线上进行。授课平台为腾讯会议,请所有人提前在自己电脑上安装调试软件,确保语音视频均可以正常运行。我们将在开课前2-3天通知大家集中调试设备和平台。刚发给大家的是本课程教学大纲和课程分组情况,请大家仔细阅读明了。对于国外学生我们也提供了国际版腾讯会议软件(VooV meeting)安装使用向导供大家参考。同时发给大家的还包括一个PPT录音制作向导,以及一个设备调试用PPT页面,集中调试时需要每个人尝试从自己设备端共享屏幕。

Dear all, according to the university epidemic control regulation, we will have this course online using the VooV meeting platform. All students are required to download and install the software asap and test it to make sure both the microphone and camera are working properly.  We all gather all students to test the platform 2-3 days before the class.  The attached documents are the course syllabus, grouping info, two guidances, and one sample slide for system testing. Please read the course syllabus very careful to make sure you are clear about requirements in the course. During the system testing, all students are required to open the slide and share their screens for testing.


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