Faculty Faculty

Prof. Dr. Jian-Zhong Sun, Head of the course


Jian-Zhong Sun 

Dr. Jianzhong Sun

Title: Ph.D. / Distinguished professor

Gender: Male

Work Phone: 0511-88796122

Affiliation/position: Director, Biofuels Institute, School of The Environmental and Safety Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

E-mail: jzsun1002@ujs.edu.cn; or 2745983694@qq.com 

Business Address: 301 Xuefu Road, P. O. Box 63#, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013, Jiangsu, China




Ph.D., Louisiana State University, USA

Major: Entomology, Minor: Statistics/Microbiology



M. S., Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Major: Entomology



B. S., Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Major: Plant Protection


Work Experience

July 2009—Present

Employer: Jiangsu University, China

Position or Title: Distinguished professor at School of the Environmental and Safety Engineering, Jiangsu University,

Director of Biofuels Institute, Jiangsu University, China

Adjunct professor, Washington State University, USA


August 2004—June 2009

Employer: Costal Research and Extension Center, Mississippi State University, USA

Location: 1815 Popp’s Ferry Rd. Biloxi, MSUSA

Position or Title: Assistant professor, PhD student advisor


January 2002—August 2003

Employer: Louisiana State University, USA

Location: Baton Rouge, 70803, LouisianaUSA

Position or Title: Postdoctoral associate 


May 1996—December 1997

Employer: Louisiana State University, USA

Location: Baton Rouge70803LouisianaUSA

Position or Title: Senior research scientist


July 1992—April 1996

Employer: Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China 

Location: No.50 Zhongling Street,Xuanwu District, Nanjing, China

Position or Title: Associate professor 


February 1991—May 1992

Employer: Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Location: Auburn, Alabama 36849, USA

Position or Title: Visiting scientist


August 1985—January 1991

Employer: Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China 

Location: No.50 Zhongling Street,Xuanwu District, Nanjing, China

Position or Title: Assistant professor


Research interests/areas

●  Develop advanced technologies for biomass conversion and utilization that include biomass recycling, reuse, and recovery, uniquely by the biological conversion pathway.

●  Reveal and Mimic highly efficient natural lignocellulolytic conversion systems (e.g. wood-feeding termites or other cellulose-feeding animals) to advance current bioreactors for biofuels and bioproducts, e. g. Natural Inspired Technology.

●  Develop dedicated bioenergy crops and the associated technologies for biofuel industries; primarily focus on cell wall modification as well as the foreign lignocellulase gene clone and expression in plant.

●  Develop the advanced technologies for biomass-based plastics and other bio-products, particularly focused on the lignocellulosic material development that can apply to 3D printing technology.

●  Develop the advanced technologies for Microbial Fuel Cell that primarily focuses on the cellulose utilization, as well as some biosensors for environmental monitoring. 


Teaching activities

Graduate student course for both Chinese and foreign students: Academic Proposal and Presentation, for each spring semester, since 2015, 2 credits with 24 teaching hours, in English


Editors/Guest Editors and Editor-in-chief service

● Executive Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Science & Ecotechnology (ESE), Elsevier Publisher, Since 2019-07-05

  Guest Editor (Zhang, C. Q. Quirino, R. L. and Jianzhong Sun), the special issue on “Biobased polymers and composites”, for an international journal, “International Journal of polymer Science”, published by Hindawi in 2018, V2018

● Guest Editor (Jianzhong Sun and Michael Scharf), the special issue on “Insects and Biofuels”, for an international journal, “Insect Science”, published by Wiley and Blackwell in 2010, V17.

● Editor-in-Chief, “Journal of 3D printing and Applications”, OAP publisher

● Editor, Journal of Carbohydrate, OAP publisher

● Editor, Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology (In Chinese), Run by The Entomological Society of China

● Advisory board member, “Energy, Sustainability, and Society”, Springer

● Serve as a referee for more than 30 international journals, such as “Biofuels, Bioproducts, and Biorefining”, “Biomass and Bioenergy”, “Biotechnology for Fuels”, “Process Biochemistry”, “Green Chemistry”, “PLoS one”, “Insect Science”, “Journal of Insect Physiology”, “Microbial Ecology”, “Fuel”, etc. 



 Grants awarded

Awarded research grants (2004-2009) from USA:

1.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI, 2007-2008. Biological hydrogen production from biomass by wood-feeding termites. Sponsored by Sun-Grant, U. S. DOT. US$60,000/year. (This project was a USA national level competition and awarded by US Department of Transportation).

2.  Jian-Zhong Sun. PI, 2004-2008. Biology and control of the Formosan subterranean termite (Coptotermes formosanus). Sponsored by USDA-ARS, total US$600,000.

3.  Jian-Zhong Sun. PI, 2008-2013. Biology and control of the Formosan subterranean termite (Coptotermes formosanus). Sponsored by USDA-ARS, total US$750,000

4.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI, 2006-2009. Evaluation of quarterly replenishment of 0.5% Hexaflumuron for control subterranean termites, Coptotermes and Reticulitermes spp., In the United States. Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, US$ 30,000.

5.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2004-2006, An integrated vetiver grass program as an alternative crop for Mississippi Farmers in control of Formosan subterranean termite, sponsored by USDA/MSU, total US$30,000.

6.  Richard Watson and Jianzhong Sun, Co-PI. 2004-2006, Propagation of vetiver grass for Formosan Subterranean Termite research program, sponsored by USDA/MSU, Total US$15,000


Awarded research grants (2009-2019, selected) from China:

7.  Jian-Zhong Sun, leading PI. 2019-2022, Processing Biomimetic technologies for converting lignocellulose into high-value added consumer and industrial products, National Key R&D Program of China (Funding code 2016YFE0126400)Joint research grant between China and Canada National Research Council (NRC), China Ministry of Science and technology (MOST), 3.68 million Chinese Yuan (RMB), (For NRC part, the Canada government sponsored 1 million Canada dollars). 

8.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2018-2022, The lignin degradation mechanism and its processing characterizations in the digestive system of Formosan Subterranean Termite, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 750,000 Chinese Yuan (RMB). Funding code 31772529

9.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2009-2013, Waste biomass recycling, reuse, and recovery for fuels and chemicals, Sponsored by Jiangsu University as a starting fund, 2,200,000 Chinese Yuan (RMB).

10.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2011-2014, Biological conversion of biomass for fuels and chemicals by explorations from natural biomass utilization systems, Sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, 3,000,000 Chinese Yuan (RMB).

11.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2009-2011, Biomass conversion by wood-feeding termites and other insect cellulosic utilization systems. Sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan (RMB).

12.  Jian-Zhong Sun, PI. 2009-2013, Biological pretreatment of lignocellulose for bioethanol with the novel technologies from termite cellulolytic systems, sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, Sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, 2,800,000 Chinese dollars (RMB).

13.  Jian-Zhong Sun. et al., PI, 2014-2017, Study on the biomass utilization systems for efficient biomass conversion to realize cellulosic biofuels. Sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, 2,000,000 Chinese dollars (RMB).

14.  Jian-Zhong Sun. et al., PI, 2015-2017, The utilization and quick reforming of the salty coast lands for industrial application. Sponsored by Jiangsu provincial government, 600,000 Chinese dollars (RMB).


 Awards, Memberships

1. Award: 2011, Nominee for Annual Eni award, which awards to only one outstanding scientist world-wide in each year to promote a better use of energy sources, promote research on the environment and help the new generations of researchers to emerge.

2. Memberships: Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, USA

3. China Energy Association, P. R. China, Vice president

4. China Energy and Environmental Technology Association, Standing Execute committee member.

5. The Entomological Society of China, Session vice chairman for Insect gut symbionts committee

6. Guest editor of the special issue, “Biobased polymers and composites”, for an international journal, International Journal of polymer Science, published by Hindawi in 2018

7. Guest editor of the special issue, “Insects and Biofuels”, for an international journal, Insect Science, published by Wiley and Blackwell in 2010

8. Invited leading editor of a book titled as “Biological conversion of biomass for fuels and chemicals-- Explorations from natural biomass utilization systems” by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in 2011, which will be published in 2013.

9. Invited panel member for "Bioenergy and Environment" of The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, Inc. ("CPBR"), USA;

10. Invited panel member by USDA (ARS and CSREES) for reviewing the new five-year action plan on the USDA-ARS Veterinary, Medical, and Urban Entomology Program in 2008, USA;

11. Invited panel member for USDA grant reviewing since 2008;

12. Invited panel member of grant reviewer by National Natural Scientific Foundation of China since 2007;



   Books/chapters, and Special issue as an editor (only after year of 2000)

   (* indicate as a contact author)

1. Sun Jianzhong*, Ding, S. Y. and D. J. Peterson (Eds.). 2014. Biological conversion of biomass for fuels and chemicals—Explorations from natural biomass utilization systems, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), London, (As one of The RSC Energy & Environment Book Series). In English (ISBN978-1-84973-424-0). Serve as the Editor-in-Chief.

2. Zhang, C. Q. Quirino, R. L. and Jianzhong Sun* (Guest Editor), Biobased polymers and composites, International Journal of Polymer Science, V2018 (2018)

3.Yang-Chun Yong, Jing-Xian Wang, Zhao Cai, Jianzhong Sun, 2013.Quorum sensing for clean environment and green energy. Book chapter in Advances in Environmental Research (Vol. 28), p129-148, Nova Publishers. In English.

4. Yang-Chun Yong and Jianzhong Sun, 2013. New strategies for development of electroactive biofilm and molecular breeding for high performance microbial fuel cells. Pp. 289-300, In 2013 Industrial Biotechnology Development Report. Scientific Press. Beijing. In Chinese with English abstract

5. Le, Y. L. and Jianzhong Sun*. 2012. Recent advances and challenges of the recombinant protein expression systems in current industrial biotechnology. Pp. 205-214, In 2012 Industrial Biotechnology Development Report. Scientific Press. Beijing. In Chinese with English abstract.

6. Sun Jianzhong*. and X. G. Zhou. 2011. Utilization of Lignocellulose-feeding Insects for Viable Biofuels: An Emerging and Promising Area of Entomological Science. Pp. 434-500. In Recent Advances of Entomological Research: from molecular biology to pest management [Eds. By Liu T. X. and Kang L.], Springer, Berlin and Higher Education Press, Beijing. In English.

7. Chang, F.-X, Jianzhong Sun*. 2011. Development of Novel Pretreatment Technologies for Fuel Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass. Pp. 262-270, In 2011 Industrial Biotechnology Development Report. Scientific Press. Beijing. In Chinese with English abstract

8. Sun Jianzhong* 2010. Termite cellulolytic systems used for biofuels industry: current state-of-the-art and the perspectives. Pp. 205-218. In Industrial Biotechnology Development Report. Scientific Press. Beijing. In Chinese with English abstract

9. Sun Jianzhong*. and M. E. Scharf (Eds., special issue editor). 2010. Insects and Biofuels. Insect Science, V17: 163-333 (Special issue of the journal, Served as the Guest Editor), Wiley and Black-well. 


Papers (Part of a total of >130 published papers, only after year of 2000)

1. Wang, Q. Q., C. C. Ji, L. S. Sun, Jianzhong Sun*, Liu Jun, Cellulose nanofibrils filled poly(lactic acid) biocomposite filament for FDM 3D printing, Molecules, 2020, 25,2319, doi:10.3390/molecules25102319

2. Fiaz, A. D. C. CheneyJianzhong Sun*, Bacterial chemotaxis: a way forward to aromatic compounds biodegradation, Environmental Sciences Europe, 2020, 32:52

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4. Zhu, Q.Q., J. J. Wang, Jianzhong Sun*, Q. Q. Wang, Preparation, Characterization, and oxygen barrier properties of regenerated cellulose/polyvinyl alcohol blend films, BioResources, 2020, 15(2), 2735-2746

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6. Ali, S. S., M. Kornaros, A. Manni, Jianzhong Sun*, A. El-Raheem R. El-Shanshoury, El-Refaie Kenawy, M. A. Khalil, Enhanced anaerobic digestion performance by two artificially constructed microbial consortia capable of woody biomass degradation and chlorophenols detoxification, J. Hazardous Materials, 2020, Doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.122076.

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